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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the hotel receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
Data for bank transfer:
Recipient: Rui Filipe Costa
IBAN: PT50 0035 0344 0000 8546 6303 3 SWIFT / BIC: CGDIPTPL
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Property Information

The APT IN LISBON Oriente Duplex apartments are located in the central area of ​​Parque das Nações, next to the river and 100 meters from the Oriente Transportation Center, Altice Arena, FIL, Casino and Shopping Center. In the wide area, it also has access to restaurants, bars, gardens, museums, pharmacies and supermarkets. Guests have access to the entire apartment with Wi-Fi, Baby crib (once secured this information at the time of booking). There is also the possibility of using a covered parking space, with direct access from the lift to the apartment. Upon check-in, you will be welcomed by one of our Guest Relations, who will help you to settle in the best way, with an individual and personalized welcome. We will also be available throughout the stay by telephone (Customer Service - 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.). In order to support the guest, we have launched an App (APT IN LISBON) that contains our emails, contacts, emergency contacts, points of interest of Parque das Nações, Historic Lisbon and surroundings, suggestions of best restaurants, events and museums to visit. This App is available on Android and Apple.

Property Name: APT IN LISBON O. DUPLEX- Pq. Nações

Address 1: Avenida do Indico n.º 1

City : Lisboa - Lisboa

Postal Code : 1990-090

Contact Name: Reservas

Phone : 00351 217 653 770

Email :

  • Baggage storage
  • Elevators

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 2:30 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the relation between APT In Lisbon and the Client, from the moment of the reservation request up to the moment when the contracted period of stay in the apartment comes to an end.


In APT In Lisbon the Client can book two different types of reservations: “Standard” and “Best Price”: 


Payment - At the moment the reservation is made, a payment of 30% of the total value of the reservation is due.
Accepted payment methods (Chosen method to be included in the reservation):
Credit Card: The client must provide the valid and complete data of a credit card.
Bank Transfer: A proof of transfer of the 30% of the total reservation value must be sent to APT in Lisbon.
The reservation is valid after the payment of the 30% of the reservation value, that must be processed within 24h after the apartment is booked. The remaining 70% of the reservation are to be payed in the day of the apartment Check In.

If cancelled or changed up to 30 days before the Check In date, no penalty will be charged.
If cancelled or changed later than that or in case of no show, the 30% of the total reservation value will be charged.

 2. BEST PRICE RESERVATIONS (Non-refundable)

Payment - At the moment the reservation is made, the payment of 100% of the total value of the reservation is due.
Accepted payment methods (Chosen method to be included in the reservation):
Credit Card: The client must provide the valid and complete data of a credit card.
Bank Transfer: A proof of transfer of the 100% of the total reservation value must be sent to APT in Lisbon.
The reservation is valid after the payment of the 100% of the reservation value, that must be processed within 24h after the apartment is booked.

If cancelled, changed or in case of no show, the total value of the reservation will be charged.

Terms of payment

APT In Lisbon accepts payment in Cash, by Tranfer, Paypall, Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

1. The Parking has an extra cost of 10 Euro/day.

2. The Check In after 10 PM has an extra cost of 15 Euro.

3. Since January the 1st 2016, a Municipal Tax (Turistic Tax) is charged with the value of 1 Euro per person, per night. This value is not included in the total reservation value, and will have to be payed at the moment of the Check In. This tax is charged to 13 years old or older guests. The maximum value charged per stay is 7€ per guest.

4. A security deposit of 50 Euro will be charged, in cash, at the moment of the Check In. This value will be returned at the Check Out, in case the apartment is found in acceptable cleaning conditions and no damage is identified in the apartment due to uncareful use.

5. The price of the stay to be payed by the Client is a finantial retribution for the availability and use of the apartment, from the Check In to the Check Out.

6. The total price of the stay will be charged per booked night, regardless of the possibility that the Client is not using or sleeping in the apartment.

7. The taxes and the amounts indicated in the housing terms and contract include VAT (IVA), unless otherwise specified.

8. All children less than 2 years old will be accommodated without additional costs.

Check In and Check Out

1. At the Check in, the client will pay the Turistic Tax, Parking and Late Check In Tax (if aplicable), as well as the remainder value for Standard (Flexible) Reservations.

2. Although we do not have a reception desk, for better comfort, we receive each client personally at the Check In, at the apartment. At that moment we will provide all the necessary information about the apartment, so you can feel instantly at home.

3. Two steps you should follow for an easier check in:

i) Two days before your arrival, the client should send an e-mail to, with the day and time you are planning to do the check in, as well as the name in which the reservation was made. If you have any doubt in how to reach us, please ask us.
ii) In the day of your arrival, 30 minutes before the time you are planning to be at the apartment, you should do the check in confirmation, by phone to CHECK IN (00351) 962 214 887. If you have any doubt in how to reach us, please ask us.

4. Services included in the reservation: daily cleaning and maintenance; wi-fi; baggage storage before the Check In and after the Check Out (service available from 9:00 to 18:00, and scheduled by phone to (00351) 962 214 887.

5. At the Check Out, the client will have to leave the apartment free from people, belongings and damages, the latest at 11 AM.

6. In case the apartment is not freed up to 11 AM, at the day of the departure, a compensation will be automatically charged corresponding to the price of 1 night stay at the apartment. However, the client will only have the right to stay at the apartment for that extra night, if APT In Lisbon has an apartment available for that day. If not, the client will have to pay the compensation and leave the apartment as soon as possible. 

Terms of use

1. Only the individuals specified in the reservation will have the right to use the apartment.

2. The apartment has to be delivered after the stay, in acceptable cleanliness and tidiness conditions. If that is not the case a value of 50 Euro can be charged, for general cleaning and maintenance.

3. Because we are dealing with residential buildings, for the comfort of everyone, special attention should be given to avoid noise in the apartment, stairs and common areas, so other residents of the building are not disturbed.

4. Minor children should be supervised by an adult, in all moments of the stay in the apartment.

5. The client should protect his belongings. APT IN Lisbon is not accountable for the cars in the garage or belongings in the apartment.

6. It is explicitly FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE in the apartments and interior of the building.

7. It is explicitly forbidden to house animals in the apartments APT In Lisbon. 

Access to the apartment by the APT IN Lisbon staff

1. Access to the apartments will only be made by APT IN Lisbon staff to provide the cleaning service, maintenance and works of the same type, with the approval of the client, at a previously scheduled time and day, with the client presence whenever possible.

2. The owners will be able to access the apartment whenever the apartment integrity and its belongings are at risk. 

Problem Solving

1. The client should inspect the apartment the moment of the arrival and report immediately to APT In Lisbon any detected defect.

2. Any defect that might appear during the stay, should be reported to APT In Lisbon as soon as it is detected by the Client.

3. If it is verified that the Client's apartment has indeed a defect, APT In Lisbon has the right to choose between the repair of the defect or relocate the client in an alternative apartment of at least the same category of the contracted by the Client.

4. In the case of the described above, only serious defects that will reduce the quality level defined by APT In Lisbon will be considered. APT In Lisbon is not obliged to act in cases in which the complaint is not relevant, unreasonable or doesn't collide with the minimum contracted service level.

5. In case APT In Lisbon doesn't have the means to repair the relevant defect, or to replace the Client's apartment by another one of equivalent or superior category, the Client will be able to revoke the contract, having in that case the right to receive the value payed for the apartment. In this case, the Client will not have the right to any other kind compensation from APT In Lisbon apart from this one. 

APT In Lisbon Responsibilities

1. APT In Lisbon will not assume any responsibilities by damages or accidents occurring inside the apartment or in any other part of the building, except if these occurrences are originated by an action from APT In Lisbon.

2. APT In Lisbon will not be considered responsible before the client, in case of delay in the availability of the apartment, in case there is a valid reason for this to happen.

3. Also in the case of the previous number, the following reasons, will be considered valid reasons for turning impossible or more difficult the availability of the apartment: strikes, blockages, natural disasters, accidents in the same apartment. 

Ending of the Housing Contract

1. APT In Lisbon has the right to revoke the housing contract, in case the Client doesn't timely pay the total value of the reservation, or doesn't provide the required guarantee.

2. The Client will be able to notify APT In Lisbon to revoke the housing contract anytime during his stay, until 12:00 AM of the day. That cancellation will take effect starting 12:00 AM of the next day.

3. APT In Lisbon will have the right to terminate the housing contract for just cause immediately, if the Client has any behaviour tha affects the well being, peacefulness or higiene of the apartment.